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MPI for inner

MPI for inner

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CJL-2000D microcomputer controlled internal thread magnetic particle flaw detector is an electromechanical discrete type and special magnetic particle flaw detection equipment for inner hole quality inspection. The PLC programmable controller is used to control the magnetization of the whole machine. It has the advantages of high automation and low labor intensity. Suitable for flaw detection of the inner hole of the workpiece. Continuous magnetization is adopted, and the magnetic suspension is poured while the workpiece is magnetized. An industrial endoscope is used to observe the inner hole wall of the workpiece and the root of the internal thread, and the image of the inner hole of the workpiece is directly displayed on the monitor with a camera to check whether there is a crack, which solves the problem of observing the inner wall of the small hole of the workpiece. At the same time, the monitor has a magnifying function for the image of the inner hole, and the speculum is equipped with a cold light source. It has the characteristics of clear image and convenient observation. This equipment uses the rod-through method for the circumferential magnetization of the workpiece; the longitudinal magnetization uses the induction method. Composite magnetization can inspect all defects on the inner wall of the workpiece at one time. The workpiece is not directly energized during magnetization, avoiding the danger of burning the workpiece.

Equipment composition:

1. Electrical control console:

1) Magnetized power control system

2) Image display system: cold light source, monitor

2. Host:

1) Pneumatic control system

2) Turn the disc

3) Magnetizing device

4) Demagnetization device

5) Observation device

6) Lighting system

3 Magnetic suspension spraying and recycling device

4 Workpiece-specific fixture

Fourth, the main technical parameters:

1. Peripheral magnetizing current: 0-2000A AC continuously adjustable with power-off phase controller;

2. Longitudinal magnetization turns: 0--12000AT AC continuously adjustable with power-off phase controller

3. Maximum detectable workpiece height: 120mm;

4. Working cycle: 50 pieces / hour;

5. Detection sensitivity: A type 2 test piece is clearly displayed;

6. Demagnetization effect: the residual magnetism of the workpiece after demagnetization is not greater than 0.2mT;

7. Air source pressure: not less than 0.6Mp;

8. Rotating speed of disc: 8 seconds / revolution;

9. Looking glass: 300mm × 6mm;

10. Monitor: 14 inches;

11. Rotation speed of the workpiece during observation:

12. When the workpiece is under observation, the speed of the speculum is lowered;

13. Return speed after end of speculum observation;

14. Camera: 1K——680H;

15. Power supply: three-phase four-wire 120A 50Hz.

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