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MPI for screw nuts
MPI for screw nuts

MPI for screw nuts

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CDG-2000 nut-specific fluorescent magnetic particle inspection is an electromechanical discrete semi-automatic fluorescent magnetic particle inspection equipment. It consists of a power supply control system, a magnetization system, a magnetic suspension spray system, a fluorescence system, and a demagnetization system. It is suitable for testing the surface and near surface of various bushings made of ferromagnetic materials by wet magnetic powder method due to forging, processing, fatigue and other causes of cracks and various minor defects.

    This equipment adopts manual and automatic operation modes, and is controlled centrally by a programmable controller (PLC). When it is manual, it can perform single-step independent operation of each function; when it is automatic, the device automatically executes the PLC internal program. In the initial state, the workpiece is manually threaded, the material is placed in place, and the "Start" button is pressed to automatically perform the transfer. -Shower-magnetization-transmission-and a series of actions. The direct magnetization method is adopted for the circumferential magnetization, and the coil induction method is used for the longitudinal magnetization, which has a good magnetization effect. The composite magnetization forms a rotating magnetic field on the workpiece, and displays magnetic marks in all directions at once, which has a high working efficiency.


Technical Parameters:

2.1 Magnetization mode: circumferential, longitudinal and composite magnetization modes;

2.2 Circumferential magnetizing current: AC 0-2000A effective value, continuously adjustable, with power-off phase control;

2.3 Longitudinal magnetization magnetic potential: AC 0-12000AT effective value, continuously adjustable, with power-off phase control;

2.4, electrode spacing: about 120-300mm adjustable;

2.5 Temporary load rate: ≥30%;

2.6 Clamping method: Pneumatic clamping;

2.7 Operating mode: manual / automatic;

2.8 Flaw detection sensitivity: 15 / 50A1 test piece is clearly displayed;

2.9 Detection cycle: about 1 second / piece (multiple workpieces can be magnetized at the same time, except for loading and unloading and observation time, the detection time and process can be adjusted according to the actual needs of the buyer, and the program can be adjusted)

2.10. Power supply: three-phase four-wire 380V ± 5% 50Hz 100A;

2.11 Overall dimensions

Flaw detector: 2300mm (L) × 2000mm (W) × 1500mm (H) (including the height of the spray rack)

Observation platform: 930mm (L) * 550mm (W) * 810 (H)

Darkroom: 1800mm (L) × 2000mm (W) × 2200mm (H)

Demagnetization mechanism:

       length Width Thickness

    Coil size: frame 335 × 355 × 155

       Inner frame 150 × 160 × 155

2.12 Compressed air: 0.4 0.6MPa;

2.13. Operating environment: temperature -5 + 40 , relative humidity ≤80%, no corrosive gas, dust and medium and high frequency interference;

2.14. Weight: about 2000Kg.

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