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Steel-bar Corrosion Tester
Steel-bar Corrosion Tester

Steel-bar Corrosion Tester

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The instrument is used to test the degree of steel-bar corrosion in electrochemical method.

1, Two test mode. The potentiometry and gradient method is used to test steel-bar corrosion which fit for different working field.
2, Permanent reference electrode. Saturated CuSO4 solution is sealed up completely in reference electrode . field test keeps clean, simple and pollution-free operations.
3, Automatic measure environmental temperature. Instrument design to contain a measure environmental temperature module, It can measure, record and display environmental temperature quickly no thermometers required.
4, Can save test date. convenient for laborer data management.
5, Display test result intuitively. Display test result used icon mode, The icon color is more dark, the steel-bar corrosion is more serious. User can observe the corrosion degree intuitively.
6, Real USB transmission. Data can be transmit to computer for future process and analysis.
7,Powerful data process and analysis software in windows. Software can display      analysis result by spectrum and isoline. Test data can be export to word or excel easily.
1, Test range: ±2000 mV
2, Testing accuracy: ±1 mV;
3, Test point distance 1~99 cm setting
4, Applicable environmental
5, temperature: -10℃~+40℃
6, Dampness: <90%RH
7, EMI: no Strong electromagnetic field
8, Batteries: 6 dry cells, work more than 30 times
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