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Radiation Area Monitor
Radiation Area Monitor

Radiation Area Monitor

Product ID : NT6103A
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Product Description
NT6103 model is inbuilt detector
NT6103A model is External detector. The maximum distance can be 1000m between the detector and the host.
(1)   Efficient GM tube detector
(2)   Sound frequency indicates the radioactivity
(3)   Excess threshold dose rate alarm
(4)   Low power consumption design
(5)   LED display
(6)   Display Unit: μSv/hmR/h
(7)   Excess threshold alarm
(8)   Alarm threshold value can be set according to the need
(9)   Jam alarm
(10) Detector failure indicator
(11) Wall hung design
Technical Specification
(1)   Measurement range: 0.015000 uSv/h0.01500mR/h
(2)   Detector: thin wall type GM counter
(3)   Energy response: 40KeV3MeV
(4)   Sensitivity: ≥3000CPM/mR/h
(5)   Relative error: ≤15%
(6)   Power: DC 7V24V(standard 12 V switching power supply)
(7)   Temperature: -1050
(8)   Humidity: relative ≤95%
(9)   Dimension: 160×110×35mm
(10) Weight: 500g
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