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Industrial X-ray film L7, similar AGFA D7, a series of new materials and technology
are used from emulsion- making to coating. It is an ideal film for industrial nondestructive
inspection photographing.
Feature and usage.
L7 industrial x-ray film is double coated on bluish polyester base. It is high speed with
small grain and high contrast. It has perfect ability to find the defect exactly because
of its excellent structure of emulsion-grain and coating-layer. It is widely used in nondestructive
x-ray inspection for parts, component, shaped material or welding seams
made of ferrous, non-ferrous metals and their alloys or other materials with low
attenuation coefficient.
Safe Illumination
This film can be processed and inspected under dark red safelight filter of Lucky LZ-2
or Kodak No.2 or other equivalent filters with transmitting range over 630nm. A 15W
safe lamp should keep 1.2meter away from the film.
Industrial X-Ray film L7 is compatible with various processing machines and it can be
processed by hand in normal temperature as the follow conditions:
Steps Temperature Time Chemicals
development 20°C 5 minutes D-19B
wash Normal temperature 5-10 minutes water
fix Normal temperature 5 minutes F-5
wash Normal temperature 10 minutes Flowing water
The image will be not firm if developing time is short of 5 minutes.
Unexposed film should be kept in original packages and stored in places where
should be clean, no dust, free from ammonia, hydrogen and penetrating radiation.
The film is adversely affected by heat and humidity. The recommended storage
temperature is below 21°C and humidity bellow 65%RH. For unsealed film, the ideal
humidity is from 30%RH-50%RH.
The film packages should be placed on edge to avoid pressure marking the film
The film storage at low temperature should be conditioned at room temperature for
more than 4 hours before opening the package for using in order to prevent
condensation on film surface and damage of the film.
The photographic properties may change with time, therefore the film should be used
in guarantee period. The exposed film should be processed as soon as possible.
The film should be handled carefully to avoid physical strains caused by pressure,
creasing, buckling and friction. Highly attention must be pay not to touch or grasp the
film with wet hands before and after processing.

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