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M-1 magnetic yoke
M-1 magnetic yoke M-1 magnetic yoke M-1 magnetic yoke

M-1 magnetic yoke

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The M-1 yoke flaw detector is a portable magnetic particle flaw detector that uses a principle of an electromagnetic yoke to perform magnetization detection on a workpiece made of a ferromagnetic material. Widely used in ships, bridges, aviation, aerospace, automotive, railway, petroleum, coal, internal combustion engines, standard parts, chemicals, boiler and pressure vessels and other industries.


M-1 portable yoke flaw detector is used for direct power supply of AC220V mains. It is light and convenient. It can also be equipped with inverter power supply system. It does not need external power supply and is suitable for any work site. It is an ideal tool for magnetic particle testing.

Technical characteristics

1. Power supply: AC220V±10% 50Hz;

2. Working current: 0.7A (no load 1.1A);

3. Magnetization pole distance: 0-250mm;

4. Lifting: 6.0kg;

5. Sensitivity: A type 2# test piece is clearly displayed;

6. The duty ratio25% (continuous magnetization time <3s);

7, Weight: 3.2kg;

8, External dimensions: 220 × 150 × 60mm.

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