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Permanent magnetic yoke
Permanent magnetic yoke

Permanent magnetic yoke

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Product Description

The permanent magnet flaw detector is a small portable inspection tool that can perform magnetic particle inspection without using a power source.

The test tool can be used in workshops and laboratories, and is more suitable for use in test sites without power supply or in special environments that are flammable and explosive.


Technical performance:

1. Lifting power: >18Kg

2, magnetic pole spacing: 50 ~ 200mm continuously adjustable

3. Dimensions: 175mm*160mm*45mm

4, weight: 2.25Kg


working principle:

Using a strong magnetic field of a permanent magnet, magnetizing the surface of the workpiece of the ferromagnetic material, forming a local magnetic pole on the surface of the workpiece or a defect near the surface, and then applying a magnetic powder having good magnetic permeability to the surface of the workpiece, and then being deposited by the defective magnetic pole, thereby Showing the location and shape of the defect.


Structural features:

The pole spacing is continuously adjustable from 50 to 200mm, the probe can be rotated, so that defects in different planes can be detected. Large-scale workpieces can be segmented with local magnetization for on-site operation, which is superior to high-altitude and inconvenient live operation.


Use operation:

1. Prepare the work before the flaw detection, remove the iron filling, and check the lifting force >18Kg before use.

2. When detecting flaws, properly adjust the magnetic pole spacing. It is the good contact between the workpiece and the yoke. According to the inspection procedure, the large workpiece should be segmented with local magnetization.

3. After the operation is completed, short-circuit the two yokes with iron to form a loop to reduce the interference of the earth's magnetic field and the external magnetic field.

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