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Digital Concrete Test Hammer
Digital Concrete Test Hammer

Digital Concrete Test Hammer

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Product Description
Q51 Automatic Digital concrete test hammer used to test the compressive strength of concrete by rebound method.
1, Simple operation. Software flow is designed fit for user operation habit, so user can operate it simply.  
2, Obtain compressive strength value after test immediately.
3, Save test date. This function convenient for laborer data management.
4, Real USB transmission. Data can be transmitted to computer for future process and analysis.
5, Powerful data process and analysis software in windows. Test data can be export to word or excel for future process and analysis.
Technical Data
1      Rebound kinetic energy : 2.207J   
2      Rebound springs Rigidity: 785.0±40.0(N/m)
3      Rebound bar impact length :75.0±0.3 mm
4      Rebound value permission error: ≤±1
5      Average rebound value on Calibration anvil: 80±2
6      Temperature: -4°C~+40°C
7      LCD screen: 160×128(10Xcm)
8      Power: 6 dry cells, work more than10 times  
9      Size: 205mmX173mmX86mm
10   Weight: 850g
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