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1, The birth of NDT-JRT wire rope flaw detector is the current new generation of wire rope non-destructive testing equipment. It adopts the method of magnetic flux leakage and magnetic flux, and uses the Ethernet high-speed transmission method, which can accurately complete the non-destructive testing of the wire rope in service.

2, NDT-JRT unwinding type is derived from the old version of the basic product of wire rope flaw detector. This product can be implemented on the main body of the sensing component to replace guide sleeves of various specifications and diameters. According to the different diameter models of the wire rope, the installation is most suitable The sensor guide sleeve (sensing probe) completely ensures the accuracy of wire rope online detection, and at the same time makes the user's detection work more convenient and maintenance more convenient. The guide sleeve of the wire rope inspection instrument is directly in contact with the wire rope, and it will be worn out after long-term operation. Moreover, the main body of the traditional wire rope flaw detector is connected with the sensing guide sleeve. Now the sensor guide sleeve can be easily replaced as long as the detachable product is used, which is convenient and practical.

3. For a wide range of detection diameters, choosing this model can reduce the user's use cost, which can meet the detection requirements and ensure reliable results.

The sensing components of the NDT-JRT wire rope flaw detector adopt a circular design, which can be magnetized in a 360-degree circumferential direction, and can reach saturation in an instant.

The real-time alarm of the NDT-JRT wire rope flaw detector adopts an efficient industrial CPU, and conducts man-machine dialogue and data exchange with the computer through wired and wireless network transmission.

4. The NDT-JRT type wire rope flaw detector is easy to operate, the data is accurate, no missed inspections, no false inspections, and reliable detection results; it provides a reliable guarantee for the safe operation of the wire ropes in service.



1) On-line detection of various defects such as broken wires, abrasion, corrosion, deformation, loose strands, wire skipping, material changes, etc. inside and outside the wire rope of various cranes.

2) The product meets the requirements of GB/T21837-2008, can detect local damage (LF) and metal cross-sectional area change (LMA), and read the two results directly in the report.

3) Use Ethernet technology and RJ45 interface or Wifi to directly sample, process and analyze, with online sound and light alarm and real-time display of results.

4) The instrument can alarm with different limits and critical values ​​according to the defect program.

5) The instrument can be automatically calibrated online, and the defect can be automatically evaluated and diagnosed.

6) In the same interface, it can display the detection curve of single or multiple wire ropes, and can analyze multiple detection data simultaneously and generate Word reports.

7) The sensor main body adopts alloy material guide sleeve, which has the characteristics of high wear resistance and high sensitivity. It has a circular structure, circumferential surround, and axial magnetization, which instantly magnetizes the wire rope to a saturated state.

8) The sensor host can be equipped with one machine for multiple configurations, and can replace guide sleeves of various models and specifications (must contain detection elements), expand the detectable rope diameter, and effectively ensure the accuracy of the detection results

9) The software adapts to various Windows versions of computer operating systems.


Technical Data

1. Wire rope diameter: Φ20-300mm (need to be equipped with various specifications of sensor host and sensor guide sleeve);

2. The relative maximum speed of the sensor and the wire rope: 18.0 m/s,

3. Good safety speed: 0.33 m/s;

4. Acquisition and processing frequency: 5000Hz

5. Discontinuous defect (LF partial defect) detection capability:

6. The accuracy rate of qualitative detection of local defects: 98%;

7. The accuracy of qualitative detection of broken wires: 100%;

8. The accuracy of quantitative detection of broken wires: ≥95%,

9. The number of interrupted wires in a single place allows one equivalent root error;

10. Continuous defect (LMA metal cross-sectional area loss) detection capability:

11. Detection accuracy of metal cross-sectional area loss: ±0.05%;

12. Detection uncertainty of metal cross-sectional area loss: ±0.2%;

13. Axial position indication detection capability: ±0.3%;

14. Power supply: computer battery power supply 5V, alternating current (AC220V±10%);

15. Working temperature: -2040.

16. Relative humidity: ≤90%RH.


The Host Sensor

Matchable Guide Sleeve

Range Diameter

Real-time Alarm



F40, F35, F30, F25, F20

less than 40mm

Ethernet type multi-functional real-time alarm (wired) or Ethernet type multi-functional real-time alarm (wireless) 

Wire rope monitoring system software


S45, S40, S35, S30, S25

less than 45mm


S50, S45, S40, S35, S30

less than 50mm


S55, S50, S45, S40, S35

less than 55mm


S60, S55, S50, S45, S40

less than 60mm


S65, S60, S55, S50, S45

less than 65mm


S80, S70, S60, S50, S40

Less than 80mm





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