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Personal Dosimeter

Personal Dosimeter

Product ID : NT6102
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Product Description
NT6102, a portable, high sensitivity personal dosimeter, which adapting low powered and embedded microcontroller processor as data processing unit. And high sensitive GM tube as detector. fast response, wide measuring range and wide applications. It is one universal dosimeter, which measures X, Gamma and beta ray.  
Application range
(1)   Individual cumulative dose of alarm
(2)   Individual Dose rate alarm
(3)   Use for food, water, supplies and so on
(4)   The dose rate of hospital, factory, school
(1)   Big LCD display
(2)   High sensitive GM Counter
(3)   Measure dose rate and the cumulative dose simultaneously
(4)   Pulse function, Fast search radioactive source.
(5)   Switch range automatically
(6)   Automatically save the cumulative dose, power outages can be stored for long time
(7)   Automatic fault detection and protection features
Technical Data
(1)   Measurement range:
Dose rate: 0.01 μSv/h~10000μSv/h
accumulated dose: 0.00 μSv ~9999Sv
(2)   X-Y energy range: 40Kev~3.0Mev
(3)   Energy response: ≤±25%(relative 137Cs)
(4)   Error: <10%(2 mSv/h)
(5)   Protective alarm response time: ≤5s
(6)   Unit:
Dose rate: μSv/h, mSv/h, Sv/h switch automatically
accumulated dose: μSv, mSV, Sv switch automatically
(7)   Power: AAA batteries
(8)   Dimension: 105*55*26 mm
(9)   Weight: 80g(not include batteries)
Standard delivery:
Main unit
Packing Box
Calibration test
Instruction manual
AAA batteries
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