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Fully Automatic Industry Film Developer
Fully Automatic Industry Film Developer

Fully Automatic Industry Film Developer

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Product Description
The function of automatic filling agent
The machine has a design Of fully automatic filling agent function to filling and refilling agent automatically,This function has filled up the bland of functions for medical film processor in local market. It meets the requirement of doctors, reducing the workload of doctors, and carried out the fully automatic function for industry film processor.
Unique function of water-control
As the water will be over-flux and overflow into the container,this function is good at saving the agent.It also fills up the blank on this function on local industry film processors.
The new technology of drying tube
The machine takes the great efficient centrifuge and drying tube,it will not only ensure the film fully dry, but aslo the great speed will blow off all of tiny granules form the film.Then,we can get the clean high quality pictures under the high temperature environment.
Saving energy and automatic being dormant
The saving energy circuit will begin to work automatically when the film stop inputting,then the machine stays on the dormant statement.
Advanced numerical control electrical circuit
It Chooses the advanced numerical control electrical Circuit to fit up all kinds Of bad environment,It will not only decrease the rate of broken-down,but also make it easy to maintenance,So,it meets the purpose of maintenance easily by everyone and resolves the problem of after-sales service.
The advanced roller film input system
The machine installs the non-contact direction input system used by imported machines.It will never score the films or jamming the films.
The developing temperature and processing time can be adjusted directly
The control panels have the character of knob operation used by imported machines.The temperature of agent and the procedure time can be adjusted without limit. It is intuitionist and easy to understand so that it reduces the man-made mistakes.
Anti-Oxidation and Anti- Crystal
At the statement Of preparation,working and dormant,the machine will clean the roller automatically so that avoid agent being crystal.
The advanced material
The whole machine is made of high quality antiseptic materials, ABS engineering plastic and stainless steel.It is solid and durable
Size of film (mm)
Min. 80*100mm; Widest: 360*100mm
Developed speed
Develop 90s-210s adjustable
Channel temp.control
20-34°C adjustable
Parch temp.
45-55 adjustable
Channel volume (L)
Developer 15L, fixer 30L
Form of filling agent
Speed of filling agent
Form of refilling agent
Form of washing
5-30 (tap water)
2L/minute (working statement)
Dormant statement
Can be dormant statement circulatory around 24 hours
Working temp. ()
Humidity ( )
AC220±22V,50±1HZ/13A (single phase)
Volume (L*W*H)
Weight (kg)
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