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Advanced Digital Rockwell Hardness Tester
Advanced Digital Rockwell Hardness Tester

Advanced Digital Rockwell Hardness Tester

Product ID : KH3100
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Detailed Product Description
·    Horizontal protrudent Indenter Design, suitable also for internal and external testing.
·    Testing on Surfaces difficult to reach. Testing internal surface of rings and tubes with diameters over 23mm.
·    Modern design with Titanium metallic Silver finish
·    Can be used directly to measure Rockwell Superficial hardness for metal and plastic material.
·    Provided with many features such as high measuring precision, wide measuring range with 15 Rockwell Superficial scales.
·    The tester is suitable for testing of carbon steel, alloy steel, cast iron, non ferrous metal, especially small and thin parts.
·    Automatic load cycle. The loading, dwell, unloading process of the main test force are controlled exactly to meet standard.
·    Measuring results digitally displaying and can be printed, or transmitted to external computer automatically by USB or RS-232 data output port.
·    Test value can be transformed to the value of HB, HV, HLD, HK and σb value.
·    The tester meeting all the following standard such as ISO 6508-2, ASTM E18.
·    Preload:29.4N(3kgf)
·    Total test force:147.1N(15kgf), 294.3N(30kgf), 441.3N(45kgf)
·    Scales:HR15N, HR30N, HR45N, HR15T, HR30T, HR45T, HR15W, HR30W, HR45W,
·    HR15X, HR30X, HR45X, HR15Y, HR30Y, HR45Y
·    Load dwell duration: 2~50s, can be set and stored
·    Resolution :0.1HR
·    Display:High definition backlight LCD
·    Operation:Menu selectable, Membrane keypad
·    Upper/lower limits setting & alarming
·    Data statistics: Avg., Max., Min., S, R available
·    Curved surface correcting automatically
·    Memory: Max 500 items of test results stored automatically
·    Data output:RS-232 to micro printer, USB port to external PC
·    Testing space:260mm in vertical, 150mm in horizontal
·    Dimensions: 710mm×210mm×830mm
·    Power supply: AC, 220V/110V, 50~60Hz, 4A
·    Net weight: 70kg
·    Standard configuration

Host machine 1
Standard hardness block for 30N scale 1
Standard hardness block for 30T scale 1
ball indenter (1/16″) 1
120°cone diamond indenter 1
Mounting screws for indenter 2
Flat anvil 1
“V ”shape anvil 1
Power supply wire 1
Screwdriver for indenter mounting 1
Dust cover 1
Optional accessories:
Short diamond indenter
Chisel diamond indenter
Slender diamond indenter
1/8″ball indenter and spare steel ball
1/4″ball indenter and spare steel ball
1/2″ball indenter and spare steel ball
φ225 anvil
φ150 anvil
Standard hardness block for other scales
Micro printer
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